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FDA raids namkeen unit in Musakhedi

Indore: The food and drugs authority on Thursday raided a namkeen making factory, Sawariya Namkeen, in Musakhedi on Wednesday and found adulteration in preparation of the products.
Acting on a complaint of a consumer, the department officials led by food safety officer Manish Swami, raided the factory and found that instead of using besan (gram flour) as an essential ingredient in their products, the factory owner was using pea powder.
The officials also found worms in the flour and stated that the oil used was impure. They also took into account the unhygienic condition in which the factory operates.
“We’ve collected samples of the namkeen and the oil in which it was being prepared from the factory. We’ll test them in our laboratories and verify the outcome. We’ll also get to know the proportion of adulterated material in the product through the tests in the laboratories,” said Swami.

In addition to this he also confirmed that the department has issued an improvement notice to the management.

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