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Samples of open spices collected

Jaipur: The Food Safety and Standard Act prohibits the sale of loose spices, however, they are being sold openly in the city markets. Health department officials on Saturday conducted an inspection in the Walled City markets but they had to face protest from traders.
The health department’s food inspectors collected five samples of powered chilli, turmeric and coriander.
Chief medical health officer (Jaipur I) Narottam Sharma said the samples were sent for testing in laboratory.
According to the health department officials, two years ago, they had collected samples from the same shops. At that time, testing found the samples unsafe for use. The shops are situated in Ram Krishan Market in the Walled City.
Officials said that loose spice power cannot be sold in the market. Only packed spices are allowed for sale. When the officials inspected a shop in Ram Krishan Market, there was no one to claim the ownership of the shop.
Last time too, no one had claimed ownership of the inspected shops in the market. At that time, the food safety officer had sealed the shops.

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