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Tonnes of Fake Bodybuilding Supplements seized by Police in Delhi

This is another incident where the police has caught fake supplements. These company puts your health at risk just to make some quick money. The Uttar Pradesh special task force ( UP- STF) and food and drugs department on Saturday seized over 36 tonnes of food supplements after raids were conducted in the city.
Team started after they received a tipoff from an anonymous person, the team raided two localities in Murad Nagar and Hindon Vihar and seized food and bodybuilding supplements prepared and packaged without any license from the Food and Safety Standards of India (FSSI).
The packaged supplements were being sold under the names of reputed international brands and were being distributed to sellers in Chandni Chowk, Delhi.Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Blaze, Muscle Tech, Universal Nurition few of these brands of which they we making duplicate supplements. Below is a picture of police team catching these people red handed.

The major haul of around 28 tonnes was seized from Murad Nagar, where a former gym operator and a businessman had setup a unit in Mainapur Industrial Area. He was allegedly involved in mixing various ingredients to prepare health and bodybuilding supplements. These supplements were later packed into high quality packets which makes the bottle and boxes look-a-like of the originals which makes it very difficult to detect. Another haul of around 8.5 tonnes was seized by officials from Hindon Vihar area.
Officials from the food and drug department at Ghaziabad said that the accused Sandeep Malik was running the unit without any license. The material seized from his factory has been sent to Lucknow for testing at a government laboratory.

“As per norms, the accused had not procured any approval from FSSI to prepare supplements. We have sent the items for testing and it is feared that these may contain steroids,” Vinit Kumar, the designated officer of food and drugs department said. “The accused will be booked under relevant IPC sections and also under provisions of Food and Safety Standards Act,” Kumar added.
Fake supplements industry is growing very fast. Its a quick way for some of these people to make quick money by putting innocent people’s health at risk. Please read our article on how to detect duplicate suppplements
5 Rules to detect fake bodybuilding supplement
Fake bodybuilding supplements products are on the rise these days. Its a major concern for all of us because its not only money wasted, but it also puts our health at risk. You can read about this in detail here . We suggest that you buy bodybuilding protein supplement from genuine dealers of reputed brands. You can also buy bodybuilding supplement online from trusted websites.

Now you have done a lot of research on bodybuilding supplements and zeroed in on a particular brand. You have read lots of good reviews about this product and you are really excited about buying it. You find out who is giving you most discount and finally you buy this supplement from your hard earned money. Now as expected you are looking for some good results in your physic, but to your surprise you do not see any improvements, then you doubt your self whether you are working hard enough which leads to confusion and demoralization. But the actual cause may be the supplement that you are taking is fake. Read on further on how to detect a fake supplement and save your hard earned money.
Rule # 1 Check the Seal
Rule No 1 is to check the seal properly. If there is no seal, then its definitely fake! If the seal is there then on close observation we can make out the difference between original and fake
a) The seal on the inner side of the lid should be checked carefully, The duplicate ones are loosely attached and are of poor quality.

Fake Supplement
b) Actual seal on the bottle should have proper edges and should be uniformly attached. It should not be open or loose from any side.

Fake Supplement
c) Seal usually have name of the brand endorsed on it, If the seal is plain and of low quality then its probably fake.

Fake Supplement
Rule # 2 Hologram / Logo
Rule no 2 is to check the logo of the brand and hologram, Most of the popular brand have a hologram mark which is difficult to forge.
Below is an example of Hologram on Optimum Nutrition brand.

Fake Supplement
Examples of fake Logo of Optimum Nutrition

Fake Logo
Rule # 3 MRP Sticker
Another easy way to detect fake is to check the MRP Sticker, Fake product usually paste another sticker for the MRP on the container. The Sticker on the genuine products are as shown below.

MRP sticker hologram
Rule # 4 LOT No Verification
We can verify genuine product by looking at the LOT No, Some companies provide online
service to validate LOT no of their product. For others you can call the customer care and confirm the lot no of bodybuilding supplements. Fake Supplements will have invalid LOT No.

Fake LOT No


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  1. Last week I bought bsn true mass …. Bt nw sometimes i feel unconciousness and pain in stomach may be 2 times ….. Am i also using fake

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