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Naga Hoho welcomes setting up of SIT, hints at food adulteration too

DIMAPUR, JULY 17: Naga Hoho has welcomed the setting up of SIT by state government in order to set off investigation into fuel adulteration racket in Nagaland and appealed the SIT to deliver acceptable testimony to the people without delay.
Naga Hoho also expressed concern over food adulterations in shops and market and selling of food items beyond expiry date, saying over the years, many people must have died in the state owing to various foods related illnesses though many cases have been kept in the dark.
A press statement issued by Naga Hoho President P.Chuba Ozukum and Secretary Information & Publicity C.Daipao said, “As per the Food Safety and Standards Acts 2006, a Food Business Operator is a person by whom the business is carried out or owned and is responsible for ensuring the compliance to this act, rules and regulations made and are held responsible for the supply of safe food to the consumers.
Every food business operator must compulsorily ensure that the articles of food satisfy the requirements of this act at all the stages of production, processing, import, distribution and sale within businesses under his control as per section 26 (1) of FSS Act 2006. Also, the petty food manufacturer shall follow the basic hygiene and safety requirement, provided in part 1 of schedule 4 of the regulations and get themselves registered.”
In this regard, the Naga Hoho appealed to the state government and concerned authority to perform their duties not only for the sake of salaries and facilities but to monitor timely as per the established Acts of all Food Business Operators like Food retailers, hoteliers, restaurant owners, wholesalers, exporters, importers, warehouse owners, distributors, packaging and blending operators, manufacturers, processors and whosoever is associated with any Food Business for the well being of common people.
On fuel adulteration racket in Nagaland, the Naga Hoho said, it has become a regular phenomenon which is a grave concern for every citizen, organizations and associations whereas the oil business belongs only to a section of people who are rich and influential.
“Off late, oil business is mushrooming in the state that is traceable in every nook and corner particularly in the National Highways. At the same time, the first and pertinent question come to every car owner as and when they go to filling station is – which petrol pump is not adulterated?”
The Hoho lauded organization’s recent initiatives towards discovery of fuel rackets in some petrol pumps at Dimapur wherein few kingpins have been arrested and booked under the law.
The Hoho said, those culprits should not be released on bail under any circumstances and even the lawmakers and any advocates should not try to bail out for the sake of earning considering the plight of the people.
The Naga Hoho felt that fuel adulteration racket in Dimapur is just an iceberg and that needs thorough check in entire districts. “We also wonder as to why the competent authorities and district administration should always wait for the public to find out the adulteration? In spite of the fact that the state government machineries are supposed to check the adulteration rackets from time to time.”

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