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Yipee, Ching’s noodles fail food safety test

DEHRADUN: Sunfeast Yipee and Ching’s Secret Noodles have failed the sample test in Uttarakhand, according state’s food safety department. The department is sending notices to both ITC and Capital Food Private Limited for “re-analysis” of their noodles at a central food lab for ensuring that MSG in noodles is not added “intentionally”.
Authorities at the food safety department said around 10 samples of both noodles were collected from Dehradun city area last year and the test results have come this week. The sample reports have placed these noodles in ‘unsafe to eat category” as well as said they are “misbranding” as the samples contain MSG but it is not mentioned anywhere in the packaging.
Confirming that notice will be sent to both companies, food safety commissioner ofUttarakhand Om Prakash said, “When any company’s product falls under ‘unsafe to eat category’ and violates FSSAI norms, we send a notice to such companies. We will send notice once I receive the file on Wednesday and will also direct test of fresh samples.”
Reacting, TTC spokesperson Nimmi Sharma said, “ITC has not received any communication in this regard, and, therefore, cannot specifically comment on the matter. However, we would like to clearly state that we do not add MSG to Yippee! Noodles. We would like to clarify that while monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a permitted additive under Indian Food Safety laws, glutamic acid also occurs naturally in ingredients such as tomato powder, soya extracts and cheese. Since some of these ingredients are used in the preparation of our products, traces of glutamate may be naturally present.”
Commenting on Ching’s Noodles, a senior officer from the company’s board, requesting anonymity, said TOI, “We don’t have MSG in any of our products. Moreover, naturally occurring MSG has also been approved by FSSAI on March 31, 2016 in its circular.”
Both companies refrained from making any comment on the issue of ‘misbranding’.

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