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Officials seize banned tobacco products

T. Anuradha, Designated Officer of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department, conducting surprise check for banned tobacco products at a shop in Salem on Friday
The officials of the Food Safety Department and State Narcotics Intelligence Bureau (NIB) conducted surprise check in shops in Shevvapet area in the city on Friday and seized banned tobacco products worth more than Rs. 2.5 lakh.
Officials sources said that a team led by T. Anuradha, Designated Officer, Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department, conducted surprise check near a school in Kannankurichi in the city on Thursday evening, when they spotted a man selling chocolates without any details on the cover.
Enquiries with him revealed that the chocolates were supplied to him by a shop functioning at Shevvapet. Following this, Dr. Anuradha along with Thangavel, Deputy SP, State NIB, conducted surprise check in the shops in Shevvapet. They seized banned tobacco products worth Rs. 2.5 lakh from the shops.
On spotting the official team, two traders instantly closed their shops and fled the scene. Dr. Anuradha sealed both the shops.
The Designated Officer told The Hindu that the raids were conducted to check the shops selling narcotic-mixed candies. However, banned tobacco products were found in the shops and were seized. She said that the officials were currently focussing on the shops near the education institutions.
During the raids, candies in colourful packing in different shapes and colours luring the school children were found in the shops. These chocolates were without the mandatory details such as manufacturer’s name and date of expiry.
 The samples of the candies have been sent to the Government Food Laboratory at Udayapatti in Salem city for analysis. Action will be taken after the receipt of the laboratory report.

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