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Woman finds worms in packet of cornflakes

BENGALURU: IN yet another instance of packaged foods being contaminated, worms were found in a packet of cornflakes in the city. The woman, who observed the worms on Monday morning, posted pictures of them on the Facebook page of Kellogg’s, the company that manufactured the cornflakes in question.
According to Akanksha Mehrotra, she had purchased the particular packet of cornflakes in May from the web portal Zopnow. Though the pack was due to expire in August, she was shocked to see worms crawling in it.
Kellogg’s was quick to respond to her complaint. The company, regretting the inconvenience caused, also promised to dispatch a team to look into her complaint.
However, other people were not too happy about the incident and expressed their views on Kelloggs’ Facebook page. “If a big brand like Kellogg’s, which proclaims to provide the best quality after it charges us so much money for their products, gives sub-standard quality food, it is unacceptable,” wrote Sushmitha Chatterjee.
As per Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s guidelines, such offences could attract imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, and also with a fine of up to `1 lakh.

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