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COMMISSIONER HELP Citizens are being poisoned by mango-sellers AND F.D.A. TEAMS ARE NOT ACTIVE

Allahabad: This is the mango season. The market is flooded with mangoes of all varieties. In view of the ‘Iftaar’ requirements too the demand might have increased. But have we bothered to find out whether the product on sale is free from chemical treatment? Everyone knows that calcium carbide is being used to artificially ripen the mangoes.
It has been officially confirmed that calcium carbide contains traces of arsenic and phosphorus hydride and has strong cancer-causing properties. The consumer will suffer from early symptoms of arsenic or phosphorus poisoning which would include vomiting, diarrhoea, difficulty in swallowing, burning sensation in chest and abdomen , thirst and weakness. A report reveals that in the secondary stage one may develop burning in the eyes and skin , irreversible damage to eyes, cough, shortness of breath and collection of fluids in the lungs. These details are based on the information given by the Consumer’s Advisory of the FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).
If this is the position, how can the fruit sellers be allowed to flout the law and openly sell poisonous stuff to the citizens?
Interestingly enough, the food law has now an added provision which will land the adulterators in big trouble if caught. They will have to now face life imprisonment and a fine of Rs10 lakhs under the Food Safety & Standards Regulations(Prohibition and Restriction on Sales)Regulation 2011. This strict provision has been added because calcium carbide can cause death of the consumer over prolonged use. The fruit-sellers are using carbide to ripen mangoes in particular and also bananas, papayas.


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