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It’s official: Durbar employees served unhygienic food

Srinagar, June 26: It’s official now. The employees from Jammu presently working in Srinagar with durbar move are being served “unhygienic food in broken utensils” something which may terribly affect their health, while some are already complaining of ailments.
The Department of Drugs and Food Control Organization during surprise inspection of hotels and guesthouses where the move employees live here in the summer capital has found “gross negligence” in serving of food to the Move employees. Early Times is in possession of relevant documents in support of the story.
“During inspection of various hotels / guesthouses where Darbar Move Employees stay, it has been observed that in certain cases good hygienic practices are not followed in kitchens/ processing areas. Entry of flies is not restricted and broken utensils are used in the preparation of food,” reads a document signed by Assistant Commissioner Food Safety. Interestingly instead of taking strict action against the offenders, the Assistant Commissioner Food Safety has merely asked them to mend their ways or that in future action would be initiated.
“It is impressed upon all such hoteliers/ guesthouse owners, managers to follow Schedule 4 of Food Safety and Standards Act which prescribes maintaining high level of hygiene in the procession areas otherwise strict action shall be initiated against them which shall also include suspension of license,” reads a copy of notice issued to the guesthouse and hotel owners.
Officials said given the threat to the health of the employees who serve the government, the concerned should have already cancelled licenses of the offenders serving unhygienic food. “How can you be so negligent towards the health of your own colleagues who are here to serve the government?” said a senior official in the administration.
A move employee putting up at a government accommodation said he often suffers from gastroenteritis. “I consulted doctors who said it was due to unhygienic food. But I can’t myself improve hygienic conditions of the mess offered by the government,” said a Civil Secretariat official from Jammu asking not to be identified.
The Estate Department offers accommodation to the Move employees. Those who cannot get accommodation in government quarters are given space in hotels and guesthouses selected by the government.
As part of the pre-independence biannual darbar move, Jammu and Kashmir government keeps shuttling between Jammu and Srinagar for six months each, while the Chief Secretary personally reviews the arrangements.
Meanwhile the Secretariat employees have appealed Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to personally look into the matter.

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