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Bakery inspection drive begins

Imphal, June 24 2016 : As instructed by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), food safety officials of the Government of India have started inspecting bakeries to check whether they are using potassium bromate in baking breads and other similar products.
Notably, it has been reported that potassium bromate has the potential to breed cancer.
Apart from launching an extensive inspection drive at bakeries, food safety officials have also started inspecting ice cream factories to check whether they are abiding by food safety norms.
A bakery in Imphal East district was sealed yesterday after it was found not abiding by food safety norms.
Most of the bakeries opened in Imphal West and Imphal East districts do not possess necessary licences and they do not fulfil the criteria required for issuing licences, informed an official source.
Most of the bakeries have limited space and they are run in rented houses/rooms.
A single room often serves as sleeping room, store room, dining room and baking room.
Informing that most of the bakeries were found in unhygienic conditions, the source informed that food safety officials would submit a detailed report to the Government in order to take up necessary actions.

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