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Health Dept challans four bakeries

                                                                           As per the order of Director, Health and Family Welfare, Chandigarh Administration, a joint team of Food Safety Officers on Friday raided the areas of Kajhen and Hallo Majra of Chandigarh, where meat shops and bakery units were inspected.
In total, four challans were issued for not possessing valid food licence and op-erating in unhygienic and insanitary conditions. Also, five bakeries which were op-erating in very unhygienic without having a FSSAI food licence were sealed. The ven-dors were also instructed to keep hygiene and quality standards as per Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 in view of coming monsoons.
According to the health department officials, as the rainy season is coming so in the upcoming days the team will be conducting similar inspections around the city to make sure that no meat shopkeepers are involved in illegal slaugh-tering and also for working under unhygienic conditions and selling unhygienic food to the residents. Also, strict action will be taken against the shopkeepers serving adulterated food.

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