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KCP-PML unfolds salt adulteration case

IMPHAL, June 12: Amidst the development over the arrest of five volunteers of Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) for pulling up two non-local traders who were found adulterating Tata salt, the armed Kangleipak Communist Party (Poirei Meitei Lup) contended that the unwarranted arrest is a plot orchestrated by the government just to save the nine Food Safety Officers who were recruited despite not qualifying Recruitment Rules.
According to a statement signed by Publicity Secretary of KCP-PML Malemnganba Meitei, people of the state are going to suffer more from such adulteration of eatable items by non-local businessmen whose intention is to gain profit by indulging in health hazardous activities.
It claimed that knowing the intensity of the adulteration case, Operation Mangal of Kangleipak of the outfit launched a thorough probe into it which came to light that the five volunteers of the students’ body were arrested and jailed by the order of Ibobi-led Congress government only to cover up the wrong recruitment of nine Food Safety Officers of Directorate of Health Services.
The operation also revealed that huge amount of money was taken from non-local traders who indulge in adulteration of eatable items sidelining health concerns of the people, the outfit in the statement alleged.
Reminding that the country has enacted Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006 Rules & Regulation, 2011 to regulate adulteration of eatable items; it questioned the reasons behind the defunct of Food Safety & Standards Informent Wing.

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