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Buyers desire mechanism to curb sale of spoilt fish

The only fish market near Stony Bridge in the city abounds with customers on Sundays. There is an element of certainty about freshness of the fishes due to fast movement of stock. But, during week days, buyers are required to take a chance.

Once in a way, the fish they buy is found spoiled after they reach home.

According to the sellers, fish will not last beyond three days even under refrigeration from the time of catch.

Since the fish has to be transported from coastal districts, the catch becomes a day old by the time it is readied for sale. And, there are strong possibilities for the unsold stock to be sold on the subsequent days.

Corporation authorities said their role is limited to ensuring the hygienic environment, and that the responsibility of checking freshness of fishes vests with the Food Safety Department.

According to Food Safety Department officials, sale of spoilt fishes will be curbed through periodic checks. There has been no specific complaint about freshness of fish, but there have been reports of fishes being fried in used oil at joints, particularly on the river banks, a senior official of Food Safety Department said, adding that periodic checks will be conducted in future to check if there is discolouration or strong odour, and body slime on the fishes.

Annual ban

Meanwhile, the supply of fishes has now increased after the completion of the annual ban on deep sea fishing. There was a likelihood for a reduction in costs in the coming weeks, sellers said.


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