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How to detect the mangoes artificially ripened with carbide stones

The mango season is right now at its peak. The public indulges in buying different varieties of mango fruitsavailable in the market and relish them.However, the buyers are a bit worried whether the fruits have been artificially ripened.
Mango fruits artificially ripened with carbide stones harm the body. Especially, children and senior citizenswill be affected by problems. So, the officials of the department of Food Safety have advised the public to be careful in selecting and buying good quality fruits.
Mainly because of the excess rains during the Northeast monsoon, the arrival of mangoes has increased this year. The traders informed that the public buys the varieties Sendhuram and Banganapalli and relish them.
However, the public is alarmed while knowing about the mangoes artificially ripened with carbide stones.
The officials from the department of food safety informed that when raw mangoes are kept in hay or other heat generating material, with increased production of ethylene, the mangoes ripen in 2 days and become edible. In order to reduce time, some traders indulge in ripening the fruits artificially by keeping them in carbide stones. With the acetylene gas generated from the carbide stones, the mangoes ripen quickly within a day. However, this is not edible. Eating it may lead to complaints like the stomach ache.
Light yellow spots can be detected on mangoes ripened with carbide stones. If the stem part is cut and tested, sourness can be tasted and there will be sour smell. When it is doubtful, it is advisable to keep the fruits in the refrigerator for a day and then eat. Then, there is a possibility for the property of the fruit to change. This is also a temporary phenomenon. So, it is always better to select and buy only quality fruits.
The traders will have to take extra care not to indulge in any violations of the rules and regulations and selltheir items. The officials informed otherwise, the fruits will be confiscated from these shops

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