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50 per cent of milk samples fail quality test in Kashmir

Srinagar: About 50 per cent of milk samples taken from across Kashmir Valley during the recently-concluded drive have been found substandard after tests.
About 25 samples were lifted by the Food Safety Wing of the Drug and Food Control Organisation during the special anti-adulteration drive carried out in April. Of them, 12 milk samples have been found lacking in standards set under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011.
The report received by the wing from the laboratory late last week has mentioned that the samples do not “conform to the standards prescribed for cow milk under Regulation No. 2.1.1 of Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations 2011 in respect of Milk Fat and Milk Solid Not Fat.”
“Hence declared as substandard,” the report read.
In a standard milk sample, the quantity of Milk Fat has to be 3.5 per cent or more whereas for Milk Solids Not Fat, it has to be at least 8.5 per cent.
In most of the samples tested, the quantity was found to be nearly half of the prescribed limit.
One of the samples lifted from the milk sold under trade name ‘Niamat Toned Milk’ was found misbranded.
“The misleading information…is of Toned Milk containing Skimmed Milk Powder, whereas mentioned on the label as 100 per cent pure Cow Milk, that is in contravention of regulations…,” a separate report read.
“Moreover, the sample does not carry the complete address of manufacturer on the label of the package as required under regulations 2.2.2 (6) of the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations 2011. Hence, declared as misbranded.”
However, none of the milk samples were found containing detergent, neutralisers, sodium chloride, or cellulose-like materials, which make milk unsafe for human consumption.
“We have drawn 25 samples from different manufacturers and transporting vehicles entering the city in the month of April. Out of them, many were found to be of a poor quality, as they lacked in standards of fat and SNF. The quality may be diluted by mixing sufficient amount of water in the milk, and the practice is not permissible under the law,” assistant commissioner Food Safety Srinagar, Hilal Ahmad Mir, told Kashmir Reader.
He said the dealers and producers whose samples have failed the quality test have been issued a notice and warned against indulging in the malpractices in future.
“The dealers and suppliers have been given a time of 30 days. If they fail to adhere to good trading practices, they will be fined,” Mir said.

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