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18 of 29 bread samples pass FDA test

Panaji: All 18 samples of bread including the local pao, sliced bread (brown and white) and pizza bread tested at the food and drugs laboratory at Bambolim by the Food and drugs administration (FDA) were found to be in compliance with the requirements of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and the Rules/ Regulation, 2011.
Of the 18 samples tested, 14 samples (including sliced bread, pizza bread and local pao) did not show any presence of potassium bromate. Four bread samples (pre-packaged bread, including three sliced bread brands and one pizza bread) tested positive for potassium bromate, but these were reported to be below 25 parts per million as against the permissible limit of 50 parts per million as stipulated under Food Safety and Standards Act. FDA also found that the labels of these four products mentioned potassium bromate in the list of ingredients of the product. Potassium bromate is used as a flour improver and when combined with dough, it acts to strengthen and allow the dough to rise higher.
If there is ban or prohibition on the use of potassium bromate and is notified by FSSAI, the additive will not be permitted to be used.
The food safety officers of the FDA had drawn 29 samples of bread sold in the state, including pao, sliced bread, pizza bread, cakes, hotdog bread and bun bread among others. The results of 11 samples are awaited from the laboratory. These 11 samples include four cakes brands, four slice bread brands, one each of pizza bread, bun bread and local pao. The results are expected by Thursday, June 2.
FDA has instructed customers to check the labels of food products for the list of ingredients added in bread food articles to ascertain the presence of potassium bromate.

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