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Khyber’ letter on milk adulteration accusations From Director of Khyber

Respected fellow members of the society,
Today I would like to directly address members of our community and society about the controversy relating to quality of Khyber Milk. As it has been observed, unfortunately, Khyber Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd. has been again recently accused for selling adulterated and substandard Milk.
Let us take this opportunity to clear out-
– That the samples relating to the recent controversy are of 17th, July 2013. We have previously responded to the said issue through our press releases on 20th, December 2013 & 7th, April 2016. We are still fighting the case legally and Khyber believes in and trusts the Hon’ble judicial system and thus cannot comment on the ongoing case.
– It is reiterated that none of the samples collected after the sample of 17th, July 2013 have failed the quality tests
– That NONE of the recently collected samples by the Food safety Department & sent to laboratories outside the state have been declared adulterated and/or harmful.
We as a team and as members of the same community who, also, happen to consume same products do not accept the allegation of supplying adulterated and/or substandard Milk.
In 18 years of being in Dairy Business, samples of Khyber Milk & Milk products have been lifted number of times by authorities which have been reported to be standard and fit for human consumption and for the first time the sample lifted on 17th, July 2013 was claimed to have been adulterated. We are contesting the allegation and are fighting the issue legally in the court of justice.
We at Khyber always believe in specializing in quality and providing the best to our consumers, be it any product or service. We not only take Kashmir as a market to operate our businesses in but take its citizens as a part of the Khyber family. Never before has the team at Khyber felt so dejected and let down. We have been victimised very cruelly as our consumers were forced to believe that the recent episode was a result of new test finding us guilty of adulteration which is far from truth.
However, Khyber would like to congratulate its well wishers and ever growing large section of followers that during the previous month we had gone through strict inspections at our Plant and yet again our samples were sent across the laboratories in India by the Food Safety & Standards Department. It gives us pleasure to report that we have come out with flying colours as not only one but two but two different FSSAI accredited laboratories stationed outside the state have reported our products to be free from any kind of adulteration.
Eighteen years back when Khyber started the first Milk Processing Plant in Private sector in Kashmir valley, the state undertaking namely JKMPCL was increased the procurement rates of Milk from Rs. 7/- to Rs. 9/- i.e. an increase of Rs.2/litre the day Khyber started functioning so that the it could retain the farmers whom it was procuring the Milk. Since then there is no looking behind in the remuneration to Milk farmers for their Milk. Khyber took the first step in this regard which revolutionized the dairy sector of Kashmir by empowering the local milk farmers who are now, as on date, getting Rs. 28 to Rs 30 per litre of Milk.
Even though we did not supply our dairy products for a month and suffered heavy losses, we would never hesitate to be strict on our quality and think first about the wellbeing of our fellow citizen. We would further like to remind the people of the state that Khyber Milk had never stopped its supply to its consumers even during the hard times of uncertainty in the state.
Team Khyber kept on investing in projects and opportunities to provide employment and reduce dependency on outside manufacturers even during such harsh times. Khyber believes that milk is an essential commodity to our community and prices should be kept as low as possible without compromising with the quality. Let it be known is that our state is the only state in the entire country where price of milk is capped, thus ruling out the scope of abnormal profits.
Team Khyber currently employees around 1,000 people directly and 5,000 people indirectly. Khyber procures Milk directly from 5,000 farmers across the valley & outside and the number is growing.
Khyber Agro is the only ISO 22000:2005 certified Milk Processing Plant in the valley with a fully equipped and functional Microbiological as well as chemical laboratory in accordance with Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, and rules 2011.
We have started the production at our Milk Plant and the sales are growing by leaps and bounds day and night. We thank consumers for reaffirming the trust they have shown always.
Sincerely yours
Abdul Manan Tramboo
Fourth Generation Entrepreneur of the Khyber Group.

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