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FDA yet to recover Rs. 7.50 lakh fine from guilty

Nagpur :
                                                     The Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) had confiscated banned food products worth 9.30 crore worth in the last three years. Around 287 cases were decided under the food safety & standard Authority (FSAS) rules and 41 lakh fine was imposed on the guilty. However, an RTI inquiry in this case has revealed that 7.50 lakh fine has not yet been recovered from the guilty.
RTI activist Abhay Kolarkar under the RTI Act had sought information from the FDA about its confisication of goods and fine imposition in the year 2013.
As per the details given by the FDA, it had conducted 319 seizures between April 2013 and March 2016. During which it had seized 15,924 kg of banned food products valued at` 9.46 crore. During this period 387 court cases were filed under section 68 of FSAS.
The information also revealed that 278 cases were finalised and fines were imposed in 247 cases. A fine of 41 lakh was imposed on the guilty, however, 7.50 lakh fine is still to be recovered from the guilty. Cheap onion: Due to glut of onion crop this season, traders are selling this commodity on footpaths at cheaper rate.

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