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1.5 tonnes of artificially ripened mangoes seized

Officials from the Food Safety and Standards Department on Monday seized 1.5 tonnes of mangoes that were artificially ripened using carbide stones.
The seizure was based on a complaint received by Designated Officer (for Coimbatore District), of the department O.L.S. Vijay three days ago.
Food Safety Officer K. Suruli, who conducted the raid, said that the persons who had complained over phone alleged that wholesale and retail fruit traders, at Karuppanna Gowder Street and Pavizham Street were artificially ripening the fruits.
Despite their visit to the places the officers could not find such incidents till Sunday.
On Monday morning, the officers after conducting a surprise check at nearly 15 shops spotted racks of mangoes in boxes with carbide stones in them, being sold to consumers in a retail outlet and in a godown.
Three varieties of mangoes worth Rs. 60,000 was seized and sent to the Corporation’s dump yard at Vellalore.
This is the first crackdown on artificially ripened fruits (using carbide) this summer.
Department personnel said that they were unable to conduct such drives earlier this year as have been deputed for election duty.
Officers said that some of the shops in that locality were closed and that such raids will continue in the coming days.

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