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FSSAI calls for EoI for nomination of a scientific committee and panels

Saturday, 07 May, 2016, 08 : 00 AM [IST]
Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now called for expression of interest (EoI) for nomination of a scientific committee and scientific panels.

The authority is in the process of reconstituting the scientific committee and some scientific panels for the development of new benchmarks for new products or revisiting the existing standards for different categories of food commodities.

Accordingly, FSSAI is looking for suitable professionals including scientists and subject experts in their individual capacity. Now these candidates cannot be representatives of any institution or scientific bodies for the committee.

There would be nine scientific panels covering food additives, processing aids and material in contact with food. The second panel will focus only on pesticides and antibiotic residues. The third will be genetically-modified organisms and foods. The fourth is for functional foods, nutraceuticals, dietetic products and other similar products. The fifth is for biological hazards. The sixth panel would be for contaminants in the food chain. The seventh is for labelling and claims or advertisements. The eighth panel is for method of sampling and analysis. The ninth panel would be fish and fisheries products.

The authority has indicated in communication DO No. 1-34/SC/SP/2016-FSSAI dated May 4, 2016, that all the procedures for the scientific committee and panel would be as per the Food Safety and Standards (FSS) Act, 2006, and FSS Regulations, 2011.

Candidates could apply for panel membership before May 23, 2016. In order for the call to be given the widest dissemination possible, FSSAI shall launch it in its website and other scientific R&D organisations besides related newsletters.

An Assessment Committee will be set up for selection of the members of the scientific committee and scientific panels. The term of the committee will be for a period of three years. It will be assisted by the secretariat of the food authority and if required, consult any independent expert for this purpose. There will be a chairman (external) who will be a scientist (serving/retired) of repute/ eminence not below the rank of chief scientist/scientist G/professor (grade pay 10,000 and above) having a minimum of five years’ experience in this grade and being knowledgeable of FSSAI and its scientific working procedures. The member secretary will not be below the rank of director. The four scientific experts/ science managers approved by the food authority should have at least 20 years of scientific expertise and knowledge in both food and health.


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