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Food safety department launches mobile labs

                                                                      Two mobile laboratories of food safety department will become operational by next month. Making the functioning the department more effective. The department was facing difficulties in conducting on the spot checking food items. The two mobile labs – one for the northern and other for the southern part of the state – are being launched spending Rs 1.08 crore.
Food safety commissioner T V Anupama said that the mobile laboratories could be helpful in conducting inspections at check posts and market places. “Usually, we have to take large number of samples for testing at labs. However, with the preliminary testing conducted in mobile labs, the number of samples that has to be taken to labs can be reduced,” she said.
The mobile labs will conduct preliminary inspection. The samples, if found to be adulterated, will be brought to analytical labs for further analysis. “With the use of mobile labs, entry of adulterated milk, water and other products can be denied at the check post itself,” Anupama said.

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