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Top queries on FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration Answered by FoodSafetyHelpline

Top queries on FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration Answered by FoodSafetyHelpline

Top queries on FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration Answered by FoodSafetyHelpline

FoodSafetyHelpline Replied to the following queries:

Question: I am manufacturing biscuits outside India and would like to import into India through distributors. Where can I find a concise list of allowed ingredients and the packaging mandatories?

Answer: Your food product needs to meet the requirements as per FSS (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011. The labelling has to be done as per the FSS (Packaging & Labelling) Regulations, 2011. You can read more about it on the following links:

Bakery Products & they have been discussed under FSSR

Food Additives

Food Labelling in India

Question: Recently, I have been to a restaurant and what I saw in their menu card was that some of the chicken items were labelled as green. Isn’t it wrong? Can we as a citizen do something?

Answer: Absolutely, it is wrong to use a green logo for a non-veg food article. FSSAI has recently introduced a mobile app for consumers where they can raise their concerns. You can also download this app and can escalate your issue to FSSAI. For more information you can read at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.i2i.fssaiapp&hl=en

Question: I am starting a manufacturing unit for bakery products like cookies and cup cakes, the machinery involved in that holds a capacity of 2 tons per day. What license is required for that? and what documents I should have? please guide.

Answer: If your production capacity is more than 100kg/ Itr to 2 MT /day then you have to apply for a state license and if in case your production capacity is More than 2 MT/day then you have to apply for the central license.

Question: I want new license for mess and canteen of private college or organization. Please tell me step by step procedure and in what category this license will come?

Answer: Your food business will fall under the category ‘Canteen’. Now there is an online procedure to obtain a license/registration in compliance to Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. You can apply online: https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx

You can read about the documentation on the below mentioned link:

Documents required for Licensing

Question: I wish to trade natural tender coconut from Kerala to Delhi. The same will not be processed in anyway. Do we need to register with or get license from FSSAI to carry out the business?

Answer: Yes, you will require a license/registration for your food business. You will have to register under FSS Act, 2006 either a distributor, supplier or wholesaler, depending upon the exact nature of your business.

Question: Residents of an age home at Hyderabad would like to prepare and sell items like paapads, VADIYALU etc packed in 100 to 250 grams. Whether food license has to be obtained

Answer: FSSAI has exempted certain co-operatives from obtaining license/registration. Earlier the registration exemption was permitted for a producer of milk and only if

  • the milk producer was registered as a member of a dairy Co-operative Society
  • the co-operative society was registered under the Co-operative Societies Act
  • the milk producer was selling the entire supply of milk only to the society he was registered with

Last year, FSSAI exempted Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad as it has observed that

  • The socio-economic condition of these individuals is rather low and they are simply seeking out a living for themselves by doing these petty jobs as per their skill-sets
  • FSSAI feels that those organizations running and managing a food enterprise on the lines of Khadi and Village Industries must get encouragement
  • The Co-operative Society under which these individuals function is taking the responsibility for the quality and safety of the food items produced/ manufactured in these organizations

You can see yourself if the above mentioned is the same case as yours.

Question: I just wanted to ask whether the licence is required for small dairy business and my turn over is not more than 12 lacs.

Answer: For dairy business, instead of annual turnover, the production capacity will be taken into account. If your production capacity is upto 500 LPD of milk or upto 2.5 MT of milk solids per annum then you will need registration under FSS Act, 2006 and if the production capacity is more than 2.5MT of milk solids per annum or more than 500 LPD of milk per day, then you will have to acquire a license.

Question: I have to start a business of distribution and wholesaling of food and beverage products. ..i.e purchase from the company and sell it at it is packed to the wholesaler annual turnover will be less than 12 lakhs/pa
Do I need to take licence or only do fssai registration?

Answer: Registration Certificate is required to be obtained.

Question: Can a food article containing food additive like emulsifier from non veg origin be labeled as veg?

Answer: No food article can be labeled as Veg (Green mark) if it contains ingredients & additives from animal sources.

Question: I want to complain about cow’s ghee of Dynamics which I purchased from a neighbourhood store. I feel it is aduterated with vegetable oil although it proclaims to be pure cow’s milk ghee. Whom should I approach. I have the sample of the product which an authorised inpector can collect and give me feedback after test and ask manufacturer to compensate me.

Answer: First of all you need to get you food product tested for Adulteration from a recognized lab. And if your assumption of adulteration turns true then you can approach the concerned officials of food safety deparments or you can also write to FSSAI on their official portal. You can also download the FSSAI app which has been recently launched for consumers, the same can be downloaded from google play store.


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