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Crime branch raids gutkha unit, hides news

Aurangabad: Commissioner of police Amitesh Kumar is probing an alleged incident in which the crime branch intentionally suppressed the fact that they had conducted a raid on a gutkha manufacturing unit under the jurisdiction of Jinsi police station.
The information about a gutkha manufacturing unit at a posh bungalow close to the police IP mess and the official residence of the superintendent of police was passed on by a journalist. Kumar soon tasked inspector Avinash Aghav of the crime branch and an assistant inspector to conduct a raid on the unit, along special branch sleuths and the Food and Drugs Authority. But, information about the successful raid was suppressed for reasons best known to those who are privy to the development.
A senior officer said, “Even for minor detections and action by the crime branch, a press note is sent across Whatsapp groups, besides emailing it to all reporters. But, the successful raid on a gutkha manufacturing unit not coming out, leaves scope for suspicion.”
Soon after learning about the act by the crime branch, Kumar summoned the inspector sought his explanation.
Kumar said, “I am probing the act of suppressing the news. Henceforth it will be ensured that utmost transparency is maintained in raids and seizures made by the city police.
The crime branch is also accused of showing the cost of seized gutkha as a meagre Rs 15,000, raising serious suspicions.
When contacted, Aghav said that he “forgot” to inform the authorities about the raid.
Sources said the owner of the gutkha unit is a key player in the region’s illicit gutkha manufacturing circle and is known for his influence across the departments.
A senior police officer said, “The reason for the existence of a gutkha manufacturing unit under the nose of the city police is that the owner greases the authorities’ palms much beyond their expectations.”


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