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Samples collected to check adulteration

Imphal, April 16 2016 : Following news report about appre-hending a trader by members of JCILPS, IPSA and KSA for selling adulterated edible oils, tea, biscuit and other items, officials of Food Safety today collected samples from a factory to determine the adulteration level.
A team led by Food Safety Consultant, Medical Directorate Bimola Kumari and Food Safety Officers from Imphal East and Imphal West districts along with police personnel raided the factory at Khurai Ahongei Tellipati owned by trader Ajay Prasad (34) s/o Gobind Prasad.
The team confiscated a number of food items which have no manufacturing dates or expiry dates.
Further the team also came across machines used by Ajay Prasad to adulterate ‘Kazi-ranga tea’ with other low grade tea.
Bimola Kumari said that the samples collected will be sent to various laboratories to determine whether they were adulterated or not.
Further, she said that if the samples were found to be positive of adulteration then the factory and the godown will be sealed.
Earlier residents of the factory refused to open the factory for almost two hours even after Food Safety officials and police identified themselves.
Irate locals later tried to forcefully open the main entrance and the residents agreed to open the gate.
A local on anonymity expressed apprehension that Ajay Prasad might have bribed the police and food safety officials and the incident might again be closed with no punishment like other cases which had happened in the past.
The local also expressed that the trader Ajay has been selling food items at a lower rate compared to other traders which has attracted customers from different parts of the State.
“We were not aware that such heinous crime against humanity was going on right under our nose.
The food materials sold could have poisoned many people and it could lead to hazardous consequences,” he added.
He further expressed that the State Government should take prompt steps to stop such illegal activities in Manipur.
Many such cases must have gone unreported and it needs to be stopped at any cost before it leads to worst consequences.

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