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Navratri alert: FSDA collects food samples

With just one day remaining for the Navratris to conclude, the food safety and drugs administration (FSDA) collected samples of kuttu, chaulai and other food items consumed during the fasting period.
A five-member team was constituted to conduct surprise inspections at shops in rural and urban areas to check adulteration and sale of old items in the market.
The anti-adulteration drive is set to continue until this week as food items for fasts are sold even after the Navratris conclude.
“A five-member team of the food department is conducting regular checks by sending suspicious food items to the laboratory for testing. If any sub-standard or unsafe food item is found, the person will be dealt with as per rules,” said JP Singh, chief food safety officer.
On Thursday, samples were collected from four shops in the Kithore and Daurala areas. In Kithore area, a sample of chaulaiwas taken from Neeraj Kirana store in Machra village and kuttu atta from a shop in Hasanpur village. Two other samples were collected from Daurala area. These included samak chaawal from Sundar Pal Kirana store at Daurala crossing and kuttu attafrom Hari Om Kirana store in Daurala.
Though samples of the suspicious food items will be sent to a Lucknow-based food testing lab, if the food items look way too suspicious, they will be sent to a city-based lab and an immediate report will be sought. The sample reports from the city-based lab can be procured in 48 hours and action can be taken soon after, added Singh.
Action will be taken against those flouting rules if reports that arrive from the Lucknow-based lab are found to be substandard.

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