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Will remove Khyber hoardings soon: SMC

Srinagar: Even after government invoked a ban on Khyber Dairy products, the company’s hoardings about the banned toned milk and curd on roadsides and footpaths are still intact while people are alleging that Srinagar Municipal Corporation seems in no mood to entertain the order.
“It is irony that government took three days in removing the Khyber Dairy products even after the strict directions from the Court. Now it is responsibility of SMC to remove the hoardings of Khyber Company that are found in every nook and corner of Srinagar city,” said a Srinagar resident.
Pertinently, Judicial Magistrate (Sub-Judge) Budgam, Imtiaz Ahmad Lone, had directed the Commissioner Food and Safety to close down the company or ensure that its products are taken off the market till the outcome of results of the samples to be taken from the market.
In his judgment, Lone had said: “The Commissioner Food and Safety shall immediately take all steps in ensuring that the convicted company is closed or products are taken off from the market unless Referral Laboratory Kolkata declares that the products of the convicted company as safe to consume and products manufactured by the convicted company do not harm the nation as is proved by the medical report submitted by the SKIMS.”
Reports said that Khyber Company had installed hoardings of banned Dairy products in different parts of Srinagar city. “It gives a wrong signal. The SMC should remove these hoardings without any delay,” said a passerby after looking at the company’s hoarding near Regal Chowk.
Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation Bashir Ahmed Khan said that the Corporation is bound to remove these misleading hoardings. “I am out of station and once I will reach Srinagar, all these hoardings will be removed,” he said.


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