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FoodSafetyHelpline Answers on Food Labelling & Licensing Queries

FoodSafetyHelpline Answers your queries

FoodSafetyHelpline Answers your queries

FoodSafetyHelpline replied to the following queries:

Question: As per the FSSA, the village level co-op. societies which are supervise under concern union,not needed to license,we have already license for our union but how can we add our village level co-op. society in our exiting license.

Answer: Please read through this article: FSSAI Exempts Certain Co-operatives from Licensing and Registration

Question: Sir, I want to repack canola oil. and FSSAI has been issued license for repacking of “rapeseed oil”. I want to ask that legally what should i mention on the tin for packing of canola oil.

Answer: The labelling of the canola oil

a.) As per the FSS (packaging and labelling) Regulations, 2011, every container that is packed with solvent extracted oil meant for sale should be marked with the Name of the Food in this way:

  • the name
  • trade name (if any)
  • or description of the solvent – extracted oil

 Correct Name marking for Canola oil  

 Imported Rapeseed – low erucic acid oil. Canola oil (In addition trade name can also be used)

b.) Each container of refined vegetable oil shall have a label as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011 and should mention the word imported before refined and name of the oil.

Correct Labelling

Imported Refined Rapeseed – low erucic acid oil. Canola Oil (Trade name can also be used)

Read More on this:FSSAI issued notification on Labelling Requirements for Canola Oil

If someone does not have the license for Edible Oil then one has to add canola oil in the existing food license.

Question: Is the oval round around FSSAI logo and beneath Lic. No. XXXXXXX mandatory?

Answer: No oval shape round around the FSSAI Logo is required now. You can read here more on the requirements: FSSAI Logo & License no.

Question: What are the Coloring Agents not permitted to be used in food?

Answer: The coloring agents which have been allowed to be used in the food products are discussed as per Regulation 3.1.2 of Food Safety & Standards (Food Products Standards & Food Additives) Regulations, 2011.

Question: Celiac Support organisation is a registered NGO looking after the interests of patient suffering from Celiac disease and wheat intolerance. We would like to state that in the para 2.14 the foods consist of or are made of one or more ingredients, which may contain rye, barley, oats have been included as gluten free foods. However this is not true and world over these three item are not recommended for patients with Celiac Disease and wheat intolerance. We request you to amend this line in view of the false information it is providing to the public. According to CODEX ALIMENTARIUS gluten-free foods are foods that…do not contain wheat, rye, barley, oats, or crossbred varieties of these grains.

Answer: FSSAI had issued a draft notification where they have discussed about the Gluten Free Foods. The said notification was not the final notification and you can still write to FSSAI in this regard. You can post your comments: fssai.gov.in

Question: I have come across a milk sample with 10 fat and 10.2 SnF, is it possible to have such values without adulteration?

Answer: First of all it has to be ascertained whether it is a milk fat or non-milk fat then one should be able to further analyze this. Regarding Milk Fat; Rarely but the buffalo milk fat can have such values when the animal feed is very rich in diet.

Question: Hi, we are currently facing issues to import an ayurvedic ingredient to be used in a FS. This ingredient is currently not a part of Schedule V in the draft regulations circulated in Sep 15. However when the draft were circulated for comments, we have submitted our request to include this ingredient under Schedule V. Can the import be restricted even though the final regulations are not yet issued?

Answer: We would suggest you to further wait for the final notification in this regard.


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