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Think twice before you sip juice

HYGIENE MATTERS:An ice block being moved out of a manufacturing unit in Erode.
With summer season showing signs of strong entry, fresh juice centres have been springing up in the recent weeks at many places in the city.
This has meant good business for suppliers of ice blocks. The very reason why people prefer fresh juice is nutrition. But, none, for sure, knows the conditions in which ice is manufactured, hygiene-conscious consumers of fresh juice apprehend.
Food Safety Department officials explain that the entire process of ice-making warrants wholesome attention for hygiene. Right from use of purified water to packaging, the process has to be free from germs.
The conditions of ice-manufacturing units in the city leave a lot to be desired on the hygiene front. Dirty walls, and rusting equipment, provide a right atmosphere for proliferation of germs.
However, there has been no specific complaint so far to the Food Safety Department about hygiene inadequacy in the ice-block manufacturing units. Nevertheless, periodic inspections will be carried out in future to remedy the situation, official sources said.

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