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Food safety officials to inspect soft drink manufacturing unit

                                     Following a written assurance given by the owner of a soft drinking manufacturing unit in Attur, officials of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department would inspect the plant premises on Tuesday after which decision would be taken on re-opening the plant.
On March 16, expired soft drinks were sold at temporary shops during a temple festival in North Chennimalai.
District Designated Food Safety Officer T. Anuradha inspected the shop and seized over 200 bottles.
They also visited the plant in Attur and found production carried out under unhygienic circumstances.
Also, products kept ready for distribution did not carry the date of manufacturing or the expiry date of the product. The ingredients used for manufacturing the product and percentage of chemicals used were not mentioned in the label. Officials said that the company had violated the Packaging and Labelling Regulation Act, 2011. Officials stopped the production and asked the owner to appear in the office with relevant documents on March 28.
On Monday, the owner appeared in the office and gave written assurance that sanitation would be ensured on the premises, cap, mask and gloves would be given to workers, chemicals would not be used beyond allotted quantity for production activities and all bottles would be washed properly before using. Ms. Anuradha said that the unit would be inspected on Tuesday after which a decision would be taken.

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