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Obtain food safety license, FBOs told

Dimapur, March 23
The state government has observed that there are many Food Business Operators (FBOs) within Dimapur district who are manufacturing, storing and selling food articles to consumers without registering or obtaining FSSAI (Food Safety) License under Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 which is punishable, and warned that the defaulters will be penalized without further notice in the interest of the consumers.
Chief Medical Officer-cum-Designated Officer, Dimapur Dr.M.A.Wati in a press note also advised the consumers to buy only the food packages having the under mentioned labeled on the food packages specified under FSS (Packaging & labeling) Regulation 2011.
Food packages should have the label with particulars such as proper name of the product; Ingredients; Manufacture date. In case of food with shelf-life of not more than 7 days “use by date” to be mentioned; Best before date; Batch number; Net weight/volume; Veg or non-veg logo; FSSAI logo with Registration or License number; Food additives if added (colours or flavours); Instruction for use/preparation; Nutritional information; and Detail address of the manufacturer/packer.In case of imported food, the packages should carry the name and complete address of the importer. In addition, false or exaggerated words or picture should not be used and the label should be clear, prominent and legible by the consumer under normal condition, Wati said.

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