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Special drive against juice parlours

Drive is part of steps to prevent spread of water-borne diseases
Joining hands with the Health Department’s initiatives to ensure the quality of drinking water supplied, the Food Safety Authority also launched a special drive on Monday with special focus on juice parlours and wayside cool drink sellers.
The five-day special drive is also part of the Statewide safety measures taken by the department to avoid the spread of various water-borne diseases.
According to officials attached to the department, the quality of water used for the preparation of juice and other cool drinks will be the main focus of inspection.
Squads will be split into different groups and they will conduct surprise visits in select locations, they add.
During the special drive, samples will be collected from various selling points and will be sent for detailed lab tests. In case of serious violations or adulterations, the trade license would bSe cancelled. Action will also be initiated against unlicensed traders in the sector.
The squads are planning to crackdown on sale of crushed ice delicacies on the Kozhikode beach and other popular tourism locations in the city. In an earlier checking drive, the department had exposed the poor hygiene involved in the production of such products.
Along with the checking of water quality and the collected sources, the squads will look into attempts at food adulteration.

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