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Antibiotic-free Chicken for a Healthy Diet

The Kongu Group of Companies recently launched the Herboo brand of premium chicken, a release said. The chicken has been tested and certified by the Eurofins Laboratory, Germany, that it does not have any molecules of drugs. Eurofins is an authorised laboratory of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). The chicken is also certified by Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Centre for Animal Health Studies, Chennai and Chennai Mettex Laboratory-authorised FSSAI lab for southern region. A release from the company said, a team of veterinary doctors visited all farms to make sure the birds were raised healthily.
Herboo chicken did not use any growth promoters, making it antibiotic-free, the release said. Speaking about the quality of Herboo Chicken, Kongu A Arjunan, chairman of the Kongu Group of Companies says, “Excessive use of antibiotics in chicken causes several health problems. So, we decided to introduce a chicken that must be healthy and safe for people. Our mission is to provide safe and tasty chicken.”

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