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No food licences for defence canteens

Following requests from the Ministry of Defence, Union health ministry has exempted unit run canteens (URC) from the purview of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) licensing.
Ministry of Defence asserted that these URCs in India are attached to the canteen stores department (CSD) depots which are licensed by FSSAI and follow all the requirements stipulated under Food Safety and Standards, 2006 (FSS) Act. URCs are attached to the CSD depots and function as a welfare measure for defence personnel. The miniscule profits earned by the URCs are also ploughed back for the welfare of the forces.
“Following various representations from the Ministry of Defence, we have decided to exempt the URCs from the purview of the FSSAI licensing subject to some conditions,” said a senior FSSAI official.
FSSAI, under the health ministry, has exempted the URCs but has made it mandatory for CSD depots to ensure that all URCs under their respective control adhere to all the provisions of FSS Act rules and regulations. Also, all the URCs will display FSSAI license numbers.
“The CSD depots were willing to take responsibility of food safety in respect of the URCs attached to each of them. The CSD depots have already taken FSSAI licenses (34 area depots and one base depot) and all the URCs buy food articles only from these depots. And, stringent protocols are enforced to ensure safety of food articles in all canteen depots run by the defence services,” the official said.


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