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Seminar on food safety by Siegwerk

Siegwerk India is hosting a half-day seminar in association with Henkel in Delhi and Mumbai. The first seminar will take place in Delhi on 1 February 2015 and topic is ‘The Role of Flexible Packaging in Food Safety’ and in Mumbai on 3 February. The venue for the seminar in Delhi is hotel ITC Maurya.
According to Neelakamal Mohapatra of Siegwerk, “In India, the level of understanding of PS plus R concepts among the customers (printers) and end users are mostly in the developmental stage. While the European and US market are matured enough to handle the various upcoming and existing stringent food packaging regulations; the Asian market is far behind to meet the challenges of this changes. In Asia, depending on our business requirements, China is the most developed one. So the objective of this Seminar is twofold – one to educate the customers in terms of the necessity of these regulations and secondly the requirements derived from these regulations.”
The seminar will start in the evening of 1 February and the first topic will be on ‘Packaging safety compliance requirement for Flexible Packaging on Foods.’ Followed by topics on Food Packaging safety – How we at Siegwerk think about the topic; Understanding Food Safety and Global Regulations; Formulating Food safe inks; Food Safe Adhesives for Flexible Packaging; Food Safety – Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Perspective and panel discussion.
According to Siegwerk printers and converters dealing with flexible packaging business and end-users into NPH (Nutrition, Pharma and Hygiene) business must attend the seminar.
The seminar will be enlightened by speakers from Nestle, Siegwerk, Uflex and Henkel.


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