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Do you want to know all about the Food Sampling Procedures?

Join us for a free webinar on January 22, 2016

Free Webinar on Food Sampling Procedures

Free Webinar on Food Sampling Procedures

Food sampling is the procedure through which the Food Authority ensures that the food is safe for human consumption and that fair trade practices are being followed. The food sampling procedures begins with the selection of food samples. A portion of the food samples are selected from a number of containers and units of product from one particular lot of the same food. Food Sampling has been discussed under The Food Safety & Standards (Laboratory and Sampling Analysis) Regulations, 2011.

The reasons for collecting food samples can be for:

  • Random surveillance
  • To collect data for a specific purpose
  • To monitor and determine if the product is in conformation with the standards specified in the regulations

Food Safety Officer (FSO) is authorised to collect samples from any place where any article of food is:

  • Manufactured,
  • Stored for sale
  • Stored for the manufacture of any other article of food
  • Exposed or exhibited for sale

For imported food articles, a procedure has been defined for sampling & analysis under the existing regulations.

FoodSafetyHelpline.Com is organizing a free Webinar on “Food Sampling Procedures”. Join us for this Webcast with our panel of experts; Dr. Pawan Vats (Vice President – Food Safety) and Dr. Saurabh Arora (Managing Director at Auriga Research) for an interactive Q&A session.

The Programme

Date: January 22, 2016

Time: 3.00 PM (IST)

Duration: 1 hour

Since food sampling is of interest to everyone involved in the business of food, it would be an opportunity for you to participate in the webinar.

The Agenda

The Webinar would cover the following topics/questions

  • What must FBOs know about food sampling from an FBO perspective?
  • What is food sampling and why is it important?
  • What are the different types of samples for articles of food?
  • What is the sampling procedure as per protocol?
  • What is the procedure for launching prosecution?
  • Report of the Food Analyst
  • Role of referral food laboratory

If you would like to know anything beyond the stated agenda/topic, we request you to send your queries prior to this webinar and we will discuss them during the question and answer session.

Brief Profile of Our Experts

Dr. Pawan Vats

  • Vice President (Food Safety) at Auriga Research Ltd
  • Ph.D in Chemistry, Post Graduate in Foods & Drugs Analysis
  • Previously with Department of Food Safety, Government of NCT of Delhi
  • Training of Food Safety Officers, Designated Officers, Adjudicating Officers, PGDFSQM for IGNOU
  • Review of Food Safety Act & rules, Delhi PFA rules
  • Food Safety and Standards Act, Rules & Regulations with different industry bodies
  • Third Party Auditor-BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Dr. Saurabh Arora

  • Ph.D in Pharmaceutics
  • Founder: FoodSafetyHelpline.Com
  • Director: Auriga Research Ltd
  • Director: Arbro Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Arbro Analytical Division being one of the largest food testing laboratories in India)
  • Leading the services business of Arbro and Auriga for over 9 Years
  • Managing 5 food testing labs and a team of over 300 people

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