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‘Food adulteration a major cause of increasing prevalence of cancer’

NAGPUR: The increased incidence of lifestyle diseases like cancer can directly be ascribed to consumption of adulterated food, according to experts. The good news is that in case of several foodstuffs, the adulteration can be caught by simple methods.
Marking the National Dietetics Week, city branch of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) organized a talk on Lifestyle Modification and Food Safety for Better Health on Tuesday at Care Hospital. The next day saw officials from AGMARK giving live demonstration of food adulteration at Women’s Technical Education and Research Centre, LAD College, Seminary Hills. These were attended by students of dietetics, nurses and practising dieticians. IDA also organised a Nutri Mela wherein healthy snacks were made available by members for students and members.
“The use of more food colours and pesticides is leading to more cancer cases these days. If it is possible, the best way to ensure your food is unadulterated and hygienic is to grow it yourself. Even when eating out, one must be careful not to choose foodstuffs with colours that are too bright,” said IDA Nagpur president Rita Bhargava while delivering the lecture. She also gave the audience several tips to ensure their food was safe and hygienic.
Dr Sharma, Mr Rana and Mr Gurmeet from AGMARK demonstrated how one could detect adulteration. Some examples they gave were using a magnet to separate iron dust from tea leaves, melting ghee and adding some hydrochloric acid and same quantity of sugar (if it turns pink, it has been adulterated with vanaspati) and removal of essential oils from elaichi by soaking in organic solvent
President Rita Bhargava, secretary Kavita Bakshi, treasurer Minal Gujarathi , executive members Kavita Gupta, Chanchal Sahni, Nilima Joshi, Vinita Mehta, Aditi Barve and Sakina Raghib worked hard for the success of the programme.


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