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Case registered against supermarket chain for selling goods post expiry date

COIMBATORE: The food safety department has registered a case against a leading supermarket chain for selling goods which had passed the expiry date. A complaint was filed by a social worker on Thursday.
A retired police officer, who is also a member of the anti-corruption movement in Coimbatore, Velu in his complaint says he bought a box of Sakthi curd at the supermarket chain’s store in Nanjundapuram on Wednesday evening. He found that it was manufactured on November 14 last year. It was placed in the saleable items section.
The food safety officials inspected the store on Thursday immediately after receiving the complaint, only to find that they had nine such boxes of curd packaged in November. “We have collected samples from the boxes and send it to our laboratory for testing. Once the results are obtained on Monday, cases will be registered based on what is found in the samples,” said designated food safety officer, Dr R Kathiravan. “We have accepted the official complaint though and have begun investigations,” he said.
The Food safety office has issued many notices and directions to supermarket stores warning them not to sell products that have crossed their expiry date. “Many dairy-based and ghee-based products start spoiling after a certain point of time even if they are refrigerated,” said the officer. “They either spoil or fungus starts forming,” he said.
They also advised people to always check the date of manufacturing, expiry or best before details before buying a product. “Though a majority of the stores agree to exchange a product bought after its expiry date, many people consume them absent mindedly trusting the store, which in turn ends up affecting their health,” said Dr Kathiravan.


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