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Now, Patanjali noodles also under food safety scanner

DEHRADUN: After state food authority gave clearance to Maggi noodles in Uttarakhand on Wednesday, Ramdev’s Patanjali noodles has come under the scanner of the authorities due to controversies over an insect allegedly being found in the sealed packet of the noodles. As per Haridwar food commissioner’s office, samples of Patanjali noodles will be sent for testing soon.
On the directions of the Uttarakhand health minister Surinder Singh Negi, the food safety department has come into action. Food safety department (Haridwar) designated officer Mahimanand Joshi said, “We have received verbal orders from the minister. Within two days, we shall get the samples collected for testing. We have not done sampling of Patanjali noodles till date, but it has become necessary after complaints have come from different parts of the state.”
Acharya Bal Krishana of Patanjali, said, “These are all rumours. No one has come up with proper evidence till date. It’s a strategy to malign our image. The maggi issue is not clear because at one point it was being reported that the packet was sealed and then it was said that bugs were identified in cooked Maggi.”
Health minister Negi told TOI, “As the product is being manufactured in our state, it becomes our moral duty to check the product. Also, the news over bugs being found makes for a strong reason for us to ensure that whatever is being manufactured in Uttarakhand is free from controversies and is healthy. Sampling would only clear the doubts of people who have raised question on the atta noodles.”
After Nestle’s 2-minute noodles was banned in the country, yoga guru Ramdev tried to make the most out of the opportunity by launching his Patanjali Atta Noodles. But within a day of its launch, FSSAI officials said the atta noodles’ manufacturers were not in possession of product licence.

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