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FSDA’s scheme to get your food item tested in Rs1,000 gets poor response

MEERUT: The Food Safety and Drugs Administration (FSDA) scheme by the state government that began in June this year is yet to gain traction in Meerut. As per the scheme, the laboratories are open to ordinary citizens – if someone is wary of a certain food item and wants it tested, he or she can submit a sample, pay Rs 1,000 and have it tested. So far, the scheme has got a poor response with only four takers from the city.
JP Singh, Chief Food Safety Officer, told TOI, “Only four items have been tested under this initiative – ghee, mustard oil, refine oil and namkeen. Out of these four samples, mustard oil was found substandard. Apart from mustard oil, all items were found up to the mark.”
“Rs 1,000 is not a huge amount for a middle class person and the people who are taking benefit from this initiative are basically manufacturers who purchase food items in bulk. If a shopkeeper makes besan ladoos, he can get besan and ghee checked in the lab, and in case of any irregularity, he wouldn’t face the wrath from the authorities,” added Singh.
He further stated that the food sample test report cannot be used for legal purposes; it is only for their personal use. If the city residents find that the report for a certain food item is negative, they will have to ask the local authorities to conduct a fresh testing of the samples from that shop—which will invite a lawsuit if found negative.
When asked about the reason behind the scheme’s poor response, Singh, said, “The government is not advertising it due to limited funds. Hence, most of the people are unaware about it.”
You can get these tested:
# Milk and milk products # Oil and vanaspati # Fruits and vegetables # Cereals # Pulses # Sweets and confectionary items # Sweetening agents # Salt and spices; items manufactured using them # Tea/Coffee # Pan masala # Cooked food # Proprietary food


One thought on “FSDA’s scheme to get your food item tested in Rs1,000 gets poor response

  1. Food Testing rates should not similar for all items because the parameters of food articles are different form article to article. The testing cost shall be calculated as per the numbers of parameters. The consumption of chemicals, glass ware,instruments,electricity.. etc depending upon types of analysis and numbers of items analyzed.

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