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Conscious citizens walk food safety talk

LUCKNOW: From Vartika Singh of Miss India fame to madrasa student Rafia, people from all spheres of society walked for the cause of raising awareness towards importance of safe and hygienic food in the city, on Sunday. Organised by Confederation of Indian Industry in association with NASVI (National Association of Food Vendors of India) and consumer Body VOICE on Sunday, the WALKATHON was in alignment of Union Government’s Surakshit Khadya Abhiyaan.
Guest of honor Vartika Singh flagged off the event and moved youngsters to spread awareness on the issue. “Safe, healthy and hygienic food is a basic human right and we at our end should ensure the food we eat is clean and safe. Youngsters can apprise the vegetable and food vendors in their vicinity about measures for safe preparation and handling of raw as well as cooked food,” she said.
Raising consumers’ awareness about food safety the speakers emphasised on shared responsibility of farmers, food industry regulators and consumers. Speaking to over 2,000 students present for the walk they appealed to them to make their family, friends and relatives follow the basic practices of food safety like washing hands before eating, cleaning properly raw food before it is cooked and making efforts to keep surroundings of eateries near them clean.
Students from 40 schools and colleges of the city along with guests pledged to contribute towards safe food for all.
Around 150 students from madrassas and Muslim orphanages participated in the trek. Listening attentively to the speakers, 15-year-old Iqra said, “I will explain this to my mother once I reach home. We all know the importance of clean food but at times we are ignorant about practices like washing hands before eating and avoiding food from vendors not following hygiene. From today I will follow it religiously,” she said.


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