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‘Iodised’ salt seized

The District Food Safety Wing of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department has seized two tonnes of preservation salt, packed as iodised edible salt and transported to be distributed to retail shops.
Food Safety officials, led by Designated Officer M. Jagadish Chandra Bose, intercepted a van and seized the fake salt which was being transported from a salt pan at Sambai to Devipattinam to be distributed to retail shops on Tuesday.
The crystal salt produced at the salt pan was found packed in 2,000 packets, each weighing one kg, with printed labels to show that they were packed in Tuticorin as edible salt with 30 parts per million (ppm) level of iodine content, Dr. Bose said.
The edible salt should contain 30 ppm iodine when packed and the iodine level should be at least 15 ppm when it reached the retail market as per the Food Safety and Standards Act, he said.
The level of sodium chloride in edible salt should be 97 per cent and the moisture content should be less than 8 per cent, he said, adding the label description claimed that the packed salt met the requirements but it appeared to be fake.
The salt, worth Rs. 1 lakh, appeared to be manufactured for preservation purpose and the samples had been sent for the food safety laboratory for test.
Further action would be initiated after obtaining the test results, he said.


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